Sunday, January 31, 2010

Polka Dotted Rainbow Glitter French

Sounds like too much, right? Well, here it is. I used CG Shower Together for the blue, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape for the green, Zoya Pippa for the yellow, OPI Little Red Wagon for the red, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed for the orange, and CG White Out for the polka dots along with some random glitter along the smile line. So cute!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Super pretty!
I used all CG polishes, For Audrey, Rodeo Fanatic, Shower Together, and DV8. Pre clean up :(

Link Love 1-29-09

Ideally I will actually remember to do this next week....

Nail Design presents a nail art tutorial on how to do a Wisteria wrapped bow.

The Swatchaholic brings us yet another stunning Konad design using wonderful shades of springtime greens.

Minder Mutsig Nail Blog is starting catalog of P2 swatches Minder Mutsigenagels and what she has so for will leave you drooling for more.

Polishing the Nails shares a few of her polishes from the Orly Bloom Collection along with a wonderful comparison to what actually inspired the whole collection.

Think Cherry Blossoms and a beautiful shade of red as Tuli's Nails shares with you her gorgeous Japanese inspired nail art.

Konadomania spices things up a bit with a sexy Konad of the Day that puts me in the mind of lingerie and lace. Perfect for Valentines day!

polishSWATCHES brings you the work of an 11 year old manicurist in the making and is actually quite pleased with the results.

And now for the goodies...

it's on to the Network Giveaways!

Tuli's Nails is having a fabulous V-Day giveaway for all her fabulous followers, so be sure to check her blog for the details.

Also, Babbling Brooke is having a contest to Thank all of her wonderful followers and has tons of goodies she plans to share as well.


Fun fact for you all, I'm reading Wicked right now. Of course, I read all the Oz books in fourth grade and I've seen the musical. Anywho, this is a mid-toned purple with pink/purple glitter in it, the base *seems* to be a frost. Don't quote me on that though. Now, I usually only wear polish for one day (I hate chips) but this lasted two day with only tip wear and a very minor chip on my right hand! This is China Glaze BTW.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Couple Issues and a Request.

First off, I've noticed that each day for the past week, I've lost one follower a day. What is up with that? It's quite worrying as I don't see what I'm doing wrong! I love knowing I have readers and the main way I figure how many of you there are is through followers, so please, if you read, FOLLOW. Also, I noticed that I'm only getting one person per a post who comments. That is so generous of her but where are the rest of you? If I am essentially talking to myself than I'm going to get pretty lonely :(.
Next, the request, I'm on a planning committee for the eating disorder awareness week (NEDAW) at my school. I'm trying to come up with polish names that encourage a thinner body type, so far I've got Essie 'Rock Star Skinny' (this polish is Essie, right?) and $OPI 'Iris I was Thinner'. Now, I know some/most of you all may not think that this is a big deal, you are entitled to that belief, however, I think that any product that encourages weight loss for cosmetic reasons marketed towards a young-ish crowd isn't right. Please, whether you support this or not, brain storm ideas for me. Thank you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

OPI Senoritas

No Spain, No Gain

Pink Flamenco

Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

In honor of the test I'm supposed to be studying for (my Spanish final), OPI Mini Senoritas collection. Polishes are Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees (a dark blue/green grey with SLIGHT shimmer), No Spain, No Gain (berry purple), and Pink Flamenco (bright pink creme). I like SSitP the best.

OPI Tiny Toybox

Glamour Game

Brand New Skates

Little Red Wagon

Don't Toy With Me!

Whew! Okay this is the OPI Tiny Toybox mini set. It includes Glamour Game (a sheer taupe/lilac), Brand New Skates (a mid-toned grey with green, red, and gold shimmer that strongly resembles itty bitty flakies), Little Red Wagon (your average creme red. Blah), and Don't Toy With Me! (a deep-er berry red with pink shimmer). Even though I'm not a sheer kind of person, the stand-out here, at least for me, is Glamour Game. Who knows, I may even buy a full bottle!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

French Pink Comparison CONTINUED!

Polishes used in this test (from pinky to thumb) are Nailene French Manicure, Essie Pink is the Link, Sally Hansen Persistent Peony, Sinful Colors Dozen Roses, and Zoya (this is an old one) Demeter. On their own, they all look pretty good, Demeter is a bit yellow for me but it is a duochrome.

With a french tip, most of them look nice, the exception being Dozen Roses, Persistent Peony does look a bit pale, though.

Finally, completed, Demeter is too yellow for a tip, Dozen Roses is too streaky and opaque, Persistent Peony is just a touch too pale (for my tastes at least). French Manicure and Pink is the Link look wonderful!. I'd buy EITHER the Essie or the Nailene, the advantage to the latter is that it comes with a base coat/top coat, tip guides, and a white pen. The Essie came in a mini pack with Ruby Slippers, though!

I used Nailene White French Tip Pen, it seemed to crackle a bit, maybe because my base polish wasn't all the way dry :(. Some items used to make this manicure were sent to me for review. These products have been fairly tested with no bias on my part.

French Pink Comparison

Hello! I stole into my mother's drawer and found.... PINKS! And lots of them too. In preparation for V-Day I'm going to show you as many sheer pinks as I can find before the 14 PLUS *hopefully* creative french ideas. Here is (pinky to thumb) Wet and Wild Heavenly, NYC 215 Nail Glossies, NYC Love Letters, Sinful Colors Sheer Bikini, Revlon Sheer Blossom. My thoughts? Just alone (no french) Heavenly and Blossom were beautiful, Bikini was too opaque, Love Letters was barely there, and 215 was streaky.

Once you add just a white tip (no pink polish over it) Heavenly created a shimmering french, Love Letters a classic one, and Blossom a glittery one, Bikini at this point looked too opaque, and 215 was too light-toned.

Once the final step was applied, Heavenly looked overly stained :(, 215 looked like those fake nails you can buy from the Dollar Tree, Love Letters looked classic and pretty, Bikini was a mess, and Blossom looked a little stained. Over all, if you like natural-er looks, go with Love Letters, if you are a fan of a little extra something but still want to look natural, go Blossom, if you like a bit of shimmer, go Heavenly, if you just want a pink polish (no french, EVER) go Bikini, and never, ever, go 215. Tips were done with Nailene French Tip Pen. Some items used to make this manicure were sent to me for review. These products have been fairly tested with no bias on my part.

I Finally Figured It Out!

How to water mark stuff, I mean, plus I've always been too lazy but now I think it's time! Yay! Here is Essie Ruby Slippers (long time lemmming fulfilled yesterday!) used as a french tip with Art Club hearts. RS I bought as part of a mini pack from TJ Maxx. Yay! RS is a red jelly polish with deeper red medium-sized glitter. The pink base is Nailene French Manicure. Some items used to make this manicure were sent to me for review. These products have been fairly tested with no bias on my part.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Super gorgeous purple, not to dark or light. One coat, I think I'm in love <3

Friday, January 22, 2010

Woah! That's the coolest french I've ever seen!

No lie, this french is SMOKIN'! It's the houndstooth design of plate m 63 used only on the tip. The white is Nailene White French Tip Pen (which was given to me for review by the company). This pen is better than no pen at all, however (maybe it was just me) but it was roughed up by my flaking nails, this made it skip around a bit. All in all though, it makes french manis super easy!


Hey! I know it's been a while since this segment but check out . She is such a sweetie, normally MFB is reserved for 50 or less followers on a blog but she just had to go on here :). So everyone, there are 130 of you now, go support her!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Violet? More like lilac!

Today (for now) I am wearing Cover Girl Violet Vision which I bought for 75 cents!!!! Super cheap, but slow drying. I'm considering taking this one off and putting something else on. The pictures are NOT color accurate, the color is much frosty-er and much less blue. Yes, that is Oliver peeking in the background :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuxedo Mani

Super pretty! I used some silver balls, a konads m59 and m71, CG Millennium, WnW Black Creme, Nailene French Manicure Pink. Mani idea stolen from Please note, some products used in this manicure were sent to me for my consideration.

Is that GLITTER?

I'm swatching today (75+ untireds). So here we are, one pic on a bare nail, one on a NYC Pink Promenade Creme base. Glitters are, in order from pinky to thumb, NYC Starry Silver Glitter, Maybelline Clear Cut Diamond, Wet n' Wild Psycho, Wet n' Wild Sparked, China Glaze Doll House. Look forward to more swatches later tonight!

Monday, January 11, 2010

RBL Swatches!

Locavore and No More War. Locavore chipped in one day :( but I didn't have a top coat so that may be why. These are SUPER pretty! NMW is my fugly mani for tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Super pretty. My new favorite polish! She wanted to look like a beetle's wing and she was spot on!


My RBLs FINALLY arrived. I bought them during the sale 3 weeks ago and I am UNHAPPY! They took waaaaay to long to get here. I bought Mismas, Scrangie, Opaque Pink, No More War, Locavor, Look Rich, Be Cheap, and Frugalista. A total of 7 polishes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't Toy With Me (OPI)

Wow, look at this berry-red! It has pink, silver, and red microglitter in a blue-red base. SUPER PRETTY!