Monday, March 11, 2013

Long time lemming

ooooooh, have I wanted this polish for AGES. PixiGLOW's Pirouette Pink, for those wondering. It's at Target.

It's a neon pastel pink with gold shimmer and it is GORGEOUS. It's also also $8 for .25fl oz (half the size of your standard OPI bottle), so it was a bit out of my price range. When I saw it on sale for $4, I snapped it right up. I know I just posted about not buying things simply because they're on clearance, but I've genuinely lemmed this exact polish for a long time, so I felt it was alright.

It totally didn't disappoint, though next time I'll layer it over white so it pops better.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Too many pictures

I didn't photograph this until around day four (which is why there's all that growth), but it wore like iron. Illamasqua's Phallic (really, Illa? You couldn't think of a name for this polish that wouldn't make me blush every time someone asks for it?) with Sephora by OPI's It's Real! topcoat is one of my new favorite combos..

Remember that time I obsessed over Malice and It's Real!?
I think the trick to making the gold leaf look as luxe as possible is layering it over a shimmery vampy. It looks like velvet in the prettiest way.