Saturday, June 23, 2012

Station Polishes!

I'm missing two of the six sent to me, Stirring Silver and an unnamed (or, at least, nameless due to label adhesive issues) red jelly with red glitter. I need to swatch these again as it appears that I saved them to the wrong folder and thus lost them. D'oh!
One & Only Orange is AWESOME. My favorite of the group. An almost neon jelly orange with an easy formula and a good shine when dry. This is already on my toes.

Lemon Pearl is a pretty pale yellow with silver shimmer. I like but don't love this. The formula rocks, though. I could see some darker toned gals rocking this color.

This one was impossible to photograph! Miss McTeal is a teal (duh) with a good dose of blue shimmer. Very murky/moody/pretty.

Power to the Purple is a purple, of course. It practically broke my camera, hence the blurry photo. Anyway, it's a red toned purple with gold and red shimmer. Easy application, if I remember correctly. 

I liked most all of these. Lemon Pearl didn't look super terrific on me, but I'm going to give it another shot when I'm a little tanner. Of the six, One & Only Orange is the most glaringly obvious necessity. Power to the Purple looks dupe-y for $OPI Hell to the No, which I'll compare soon enough. 

I did get these for review, but I stated my opinion on each polish honestly and without any bias.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mash Stamping Plates!

I got 25 Mash ( image plates in the mail recently and so far I'm over the moon with 'em. They work like a charm, the images are unique and fun, and there's so many to choose from. They all come individually wrapped and are each backed with some paper, just like Konad. Something to note: they're covered in a thin blue plastic film. You gotta peel that off before you can stamp!

Here's where you can pick these pretties up for an inexpensive $12.99, just about $.50 a plate: (CLICK ME!) Mash 26-50 is the set!

And here's some on the nail shots. This is Sally Hansen Presto Pewter stamped over Sally Hansen Blue-Away

And here's some quick comparisons to Konad. The images with the stamped "47" (pinkie and middle) are Mash. The other two are similar Konad designs I had in my stash. Of the two designs, Konad's houndstooth works better for me though I love Mash's abstract lines MUCH more.

Overall, I adore this set. It's inexpensive and has some really, really cute designs. I do think that all the individual packaging amounts to a lot of waste, and the Oregonian in me cringes at that thought, but that's just about the only negative I have.

I know this is a rave review, but that was not influenced in any way by the company's sending me these for review. I gave my honest opinion, just as I always endeavor to do.

Sunday, June 3, 2012