Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying new things

Like Pure Ice, the brand sold at Walmart for $2. This is Dreamy, which compares but is not a dupe of OPIs Ulta exclusive Pink Me I'm Good. It's a medium jelly pink with multi-colored iridescent glitter. The OPI has a less orange base color and glitter of the same size, but all gold.
ALSO! You have one week left to enter my give away HERE you should go do that.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Home

I forgot to tell you I was leaving, sorry! I went to a theatre festival for some fun with friends, I've been planning the trip since June, so it was great to go. Subtle konad is franken base and RBL Mismas with plate m60. That ridiculous photo of me doing something is actually the bag game, I'll talk more about it later (after the ski team retreat? that's in December but that's likely the next time I'll play). Oh, and the plays? You know, the reason FOR the theatre festival? FANTASTIC. Really, they were wonderful.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A polish from Japan

I hate showing you all things that you (probably) can't have. But, this is so pretty! It's s 100yen mermaid-y polish that has green and pink semi-translucent sequins in a clear base over DC Matte Black.
Matte Black is one of the best blacks I've ever found, the formula is perfect, the opacity is great, and it dries in no time. If you don't want it to be matte, just add topcoat.
Speaking of, the topcoat I used here is Nailene Acrylic Strong, which is honestly awesome. My nails are on the second day of wear and there is no problems with them, Seche chips a few hours in, or at least causes shrinkage but these look great, plus, the shine is unbeatable.
Diamond Cosmetics and Nailene sent these products to me for review but that did not affect my opinion at all. These are honestly great products, I would not tell you otherwise just because they were provided for me by the manufacturer.

Favorite Purples

ChG Cowgirl Up is on the list. This is the 3rd day of wear, no chips it's just a little beaten up. The formula is perfection, my application is without any clean up. This has the same subtle blue and pink shimmer that is in one of my other favorite purples, ChG Let's Groove, it's just redder and lighter.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My life according to Google - Type in the following and choose from the first description found.... Be honest, don't just pick one out to be funny!

1: Type in "[name] needs" in the Google search:

I have an unusual name some nothing came up :( but I hit 'I'm feeling lucky' and the title of the page was
"Let's all stare at Ailya-Jasmine's boobs"
I think it works.

2: Type in "[name] looks like" in Google search:

Again, nothing.
"Baby Beluga whale, Allya,..."
Please note, my blog came up as well.

3: Type in "[name] hates" in Google search:

Same deal, this is dissapointing
"Lady Allya hates Lairwir"

4: Type in "[name] goes" OR "[name] has gone" in Google search:

"Allya the Beluga whale at an aquarium in western Japan has learned to blow"

5: Type in "[name] loves" in Google search:

"Allya clearly loves interacting with her audience."
They're still going on about the whale.

6: Type in "[name] eats" in Google search:

"'Hottest' Indian woman eats 51 super-hot chillies in 2 minutes!"
No mention of Allya

7: Type in "[name] has" in Google search:

"Allya the Beluga whale at an aquarium in western Japan has learned to blow bubble rings."
That whale is stealing my thunder.

8: Type in "[name] works" in Google search:

I don't get it o.O

9: Type in"[name] lives" in Google search:

"Meet Allya, a Beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) who lives at an aquarium in western Japan."
I knew it was going to be about the whale

10: Type in "[name] died" in Google search:

"When the oldest of her daughters was only sixteen, Allya died and thus the Witches of Dathomir never learned that the magic they used was actually the Force ..."
It's on Wookiepedia....

11.Type in "[name] does" in Google search:

"Allya does not know how to read and write"
I have no idea... That's why I'm not writing now?

12: Type in "[name] will" in Google search:

"Allya's "happy bubble ring kisses" will have happiness bestowed upon them. ..."

13.Type in "[name] is" in Google search:

"Allya was a rogue Jedi Knight of the Old Republic."
No whale?

Now your turn!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Want to know me better?

I'm a person, not just a disembodied hand. I know this may surprise some of you, but I have a life outside of nail polish. I know, it shocks me too.
I've started a new blog (yes, another one. Fashion blogging really isn't for me, anyway) called ordinary wings this isn't for the giveaway, I'm not going to sell you all a ticket to watch me live my life, but I do think that parts of it are interesting (then again, it is my life we are talking about) and so, maybe, if you like personal blogs and poetic teenagers, you should take a look.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Okay, I've decided that, as a way to favor the people who really read this blog instead of just following to get free stuff, I'm going to give little extra ways to gain entries in the giveaway every once in a while. This is one such time, the person who correctly names the most colors in my manicure before anybody else (you can comment after somebody else, just try to name more!) will win an extra entry in the drawing. As I said, this is because some people will follow just for the giveaway but I'd rather use the giveaway to get new readers who are loyal, so, whether this is the first thing you've seen on this blog or you've been watching it for a year, good luck!
PS This mani isn't great by any stretch, the colors weren't fully opaque and my nail art tools aren't great (because I'm giving away that awesome brush! I wish I bought more).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So, I've been thinking about a GIVEAWAY.

Yup, and it's my 1 year/Japan/241 followers celebration!
I'm offering to ONE lucky winner....

A trio of 'spangles' in pink with holographic hearts, pink stars, and pink glitter.

A trio of 'spangles' in silver with holograpic hearts, metallic stars, and silver glitter.

A trio of 'spangles' in blue with holographic stars, blue hears, and blue glitter.

A set of fake nails hand painted by me. 20 nails included, 10 sizes with a duplicate of every size.

A miniature nail brush (it's so cute!)

A small case with stars of various colors.

A package of sticky-backed clear rhinestones.

A nail file, I believe it's glass (can't read the Japanese!)

A package of nail art 'spangles' including an orange wood stick.

An awesome collection of nail stickers.

Tea from Japan (yum!)

A citrus eraser. I could be imagining it but I think it smells good too :)

A candy.

A Pez dispenser with two Pez candies. This wasn't purchased in Japan but it's a cute bunny ^-^

So, yeah, ALL of this stuff to one winner!

Those pesky things called RULES. These MUST be done to enter this giveaway.

FOR ONE ENTRY (mandatory):
You must follow this blog through the button on the top right.
You must comment on this post.

FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY APIECE(can't happen until you've done the first):
Follow me on Twitter (paintedtipsblog), please include your name in your comment.
Blog about this, include a link.
Being the FIRST person to correctly identify the polish on my thumb.

So get entering! This will close September 7th.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A blank slate

Because that's what OPI Time-less is More really is. It's clean and neutral (not natural, though). A jellyish, squishy off white that doesn't look yellow, just soft. All in all, a really nice polish that I snagged for $5 at Trade Secret.
And, I got a Twitter. I did. Because, I can't bombard you with posts but I always have something to say. It's under the 'about me' think in the right.

I'm moody

OMG!!!!!!! I WON A GIVEAWAY!!!!!! I never win anything. But I won 4 mood polishes :) And a lava lamp from the library (random!). These are the Mood Struck ones from drugstores, I think. Anywho, I have a yellow/green, blue, teal, and pink/purple. So far I've tried two, the yellow/green and the blue. The effect on the blue was so subtle! It ruined the novelty of the polishes a little for me. BUT the yellow/green was epic. Really. Awesome. The yellow one wore horribly but the blue one had fantastic wear. Go figure. They all dry matte.

Room temperature, what it usually looks like.

Index and middle dipped in cold water, ring and pinky dipped in warm.

Room temperature, what it usually looks like.

Index and middle dipped in cold water, ring and pinky dipped in warm.

And by popular demand, Lisa and Oliver's current nails. Ollie (the goldendoodle) is in FP Blissfully Blue and Lisa (the German Shorthair) is in AA Peacock (she matches my toes (: )

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A break from the usual

When I get in one of my moods I have to paint my nails. Immediately. But I want to paint and paint and paint and honestly, I can't swatch 20+ times in one day. My solution is to do my sister's nails, my mothers, and then, my dogs. Here's Lisa with ChG Millennium.

And a more normal manicure, a funky french with a gold line. Simple but pretty enough.

P.S. I'm home :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is why you love me.

I'm still in Japan, but, I found some wifi so I'm writing this :) I also have some pics for you today! Every time I see super awesome epic nails I (ask the person while doing charades so they know what I'm saying) take a picture. So far I've only gotten three pictures, but they look so cool! I'll post them later./ I've purchased over $100 worth of stuffs (clothing included, my new wardrobe is all from Harajuku) which includes some giveaway items! How do you all feel about glass files (you should be using one!), nail art stickers, and GLITTER? It's going to be pretty cool (if I can stop buying stuff for the giveaway and then taking it myself).

My mother's gradient manicure (best pic I could get, sorry!). I did this.

My pedi, RBL Mismas with Revlon Star

My current manicure, it is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

A bracelet I made.

My blue gradient. I did this at the same time as I did my mother's. Doesn't it look fake? I actually got compliments on this one!
I have to go pack, we're leaving Beppu. Ciao!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I am still in Japan. Sorry. But, I have been doing my nails (and buying a lot of polish!) and I will have pictures up later. I want to say a huge thank you, I left one week ago and have since gained ten followers! That makes me so happy. So, a big hello to all the new people and a huge thank you to all of the old.