Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A polish from Japan

I hate showing you all things that you (probably) can't have. But, this is so pretty! It's s 100yen mermaid-y polish that has green and pink semi-translucent sequins in a clear base over DC Matte Black.
Matte Black is one of the best blacks I've ever found, the formula is perfect, the opacity is great, and it dries in no time. If you don't want it to be matte, just add topcoat.
Speaking of, the topcoat I used here is Nailene Acrylic Strong, which is honestly awesome. My nails are on the second day of wear and there is no problems with them, Seche chips a few hours in, or at least causes shrinkage but these look great, plus, the shine is unbeatable.
Diamond Cosmetics and Nailene sent these products to me for review but that did not affect my opinion at all. These are honestly great products, I would not tell you otherwise just because they were provided for me by the manufacturer.

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  1. Awesome! I love Japanese glitter/hologram polishes, they are so cool for layering. I'm also glad to hear you're enjoying the Nailene topcoat, I use it too! :-)


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