Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SH Bronze Pink (Nail Prism) MFB

MYF today is the AMAZING Pinky at The Pinky Files. Today I wore SH Bronze Pink, a Nail Prism. I loved the effect but wasn't really digging the color. The drying time was IMPOSSIBLE. 0/5*s on this one. I wouldn't buy it again.

Monday, August 24, 2009


MFB is, as you might have guessed, My Favorite Blogs. It's my new section. Check out http://thriszha.blogspot.com/, she's only one post in but I LOVE the nail art (and she's my 40th follower). Please everyone, I have 40 people that read my writing, these women that I've posted have less than twenty, two of them have less than five, if you guys would just go over and read these blogs it would mean the world to me. Thank you.
Next I have two pairs of fake nails (for sale in my Etsy shop, check the sidebar for link). These are beautiful. If the blue set doesn't sell I may steal it to wear. Check them out, I need some way of funding the nail polish addiction, I'm almost out of polishes that have color (be prepared for a lot of pink).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How About A Tumble?

My dream bag is this, I'm never going to buy it (not now at least) but, I can dream. Maybe while I'm in NY I'll find a suitable replica (not a fake, maybe F21 has one?). Ah well, it makes me sad to see it, so classic and beautiful, when I can't have it.
I'm wearing (in the photos atleast) CG How About A Tumble.

My Favorite Blogs (That You Probably Don't Know About)

Exept if you're Lucy, she may know most of them (love you Lucy, thank you for ALL the comments, you make me smile everyday!).
1) Les Deux Chiens. Sorry Tiffany! I know you didn't want your blog featured but..... it's sad reading your AMAZING blog and knowing how impossible it is to get 'discovered' without help.
2)Pretty Clever. Love this blog! And she has some of the most loving readers ever, comments on almost every post.
That's all for today, I will post more when I find them/feel like it. Comment if you'd like me to read your blog!

CG Flying Dragon (HOTD)

I know, I know; I write a nail blog but have recently only posted fashion and hair. Well, this is MY blog and it will have posts of whatever I feel like taking pictures of. Sounds good? The real reason for this is that I'm dipping back into old picture files becuase my camera's charger is missing. I know, irresponsible teenager much. Today I have CG Flying Dragon, first picture is matte, without Seche, color is neon and dries VERY matte. Second picture is the final product including topcoat. FD has blue and pink sparkle in a opaque purple base. Last picture is my hair, curled and pulled back into a fancy-looking updo that took 5 minutes (once hair is curled). LOVE IT .

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warning: Random (To an Extreme)

1)My dog Lisa, sleeping on the bed with pillows and blankets
2)FLOWER! Now that that's out of my system......
3)PUPPY! That's my baby, Oliver.
5)Wheeeeee! I'm a flier and cheer and that's me going up; My arms should be at my sides with my legs together and locked, it's an old picture and I'm wasn't (and still aren't) very good.
6)More Oliver love!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Long Time, No See!

Hey you all! I've been busy, really busy. Football season starts in two weeks (!) and I'm a cheerleader, and yes, before you ask, I am buying the Konad Cheer plate. Soon. I hope.
Today I have my favorite polish ever thus far, it even beats Dorothy Who?. It is a FABULOUS franken. Zulu on steriods, sorta. It's a deep almost jelly green with green sparkle AND shimmer and glass flecks. I used 1/2 clear (NYC), 1/4 Sinful Colors San Fransisco, 1/4 Sinful Colors What's Your Name?, and a couple drops of navy. It's a stunner. I was SO excited until I realized, it's a dupe for CG Watermelon Rind only more jelly, less obvious sparkle, darker, and less blue. Ah well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outfit of the Day! (And Shoes)

Hello! Today I have the first pictures that popped up on my computer screen, my previous OOTD (outfit of the day), as well as my FAVORITE shoes (last year's bday gift from my mom). The shirt is adorable, it has this bow so you can drop or tighten the neckline depending upon how tight you tie it. The cardigan is purple floral with black jewels and the pants are grey acid-washed skinny jeans. The shoes are lace heels with a patent strap and bow. The ring was a valentine's day gift from one of my best friends, I'm told it's vintage. If you'd like to know a store or brand for a particular item, let me know and I will post them soon. I LOVE this outfit. Pictures taken in my sister's full length mirror.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm For Sale!

Yup ! I'm on Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7891227, I only have two designs on for now. Do you think people will buy? I need your help, what more should I add? Any color and design specifically? I'm getting rhinestones soon!

On Hair and Sunglasses (You Decide)

I used to be a glasses wearer, because of this I never was able to wear cute sunglasses. The day after I got contacts I went sunglass shopping. Now, a year later, I own two pairs, one I recived as a gift and am not quite comfortable wearing, and, one I adore. What do you all think? Are the purple ones too much?

On to the hair. My hair won't behave! I'd love curls so I adore the spirals that cover..... the front of my head. Not the back, on the back I have waves, my dream hair only shows on the front of my head.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I hit 1,000!

*Gloats* Just thought I'd share the fact that in 22 days I've hit 1,000 views, that's 45 views a day, but, I think we can do better. We have from today on to hit 2,000, how fast will that happen?

Moody Hues

This is a CND nail polish (an old one too, I might add). It's a pink/blue douchrome with silver holo sparkles. I love it! This application is messy, the polish needs to be thinned out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Metallic Zebra

Today's Koni is Zoya Trixie (base), Zoya Freja (stamp), Northern Lights Silver (glitter), and Konad plate m57. I'm going to be on TV tomorrow (at 5 am!) and I know I'll look tired but I still want to stand out, because of this I figured zebra print was in order, with a dose of mettalic, and, a sprinkling of holo glitter. It's perfect, so "me". For those that are not new to nail blogs or Konading, this is a very popular design, I desided to make mine waaaaay more unique. By the way, check out the mini NL Silver bottle! I used grey, not black, for the stamp to make it less harsh and more demure if that's what's needed for the TV thing (the news)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nani's Nails Giveaway!

Go here to enter! Nani is one of my dear friends of the nail community, as well as one of my first readers! Thank you so much, you really deserve *77* readers!
Should I have a giveaway? This isn't the first time I've asked all of you but this time I expect a response!

Dorothy Who?

This is my review post on Dorothy Who?, which, though quite rare, is my favorite polish of all time. Even my french manicure-loving mother likes it. DW is a medium blue jelly with blue sparkles that flash slightly silver in low lighting. To die for. DW is a China Glaze, naturally it was discontinued, it was part of the Wizard of Ooh and Ahzz collection. I hear that the collection is going to be re-released soon so this fabulous polish possibly can be yours soon. The pictures are posted in the post below, and, they are accurate!!!! Yay!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Dance!!!!!

picked up some polish from a garage sale, in the boxes avilible I discovered two Northern Lights (gold and silver), CND Moody Hues, and.............................

A Pic-Heavy, Random Post (it's pretty out there)

You guys are okay if I post some random stuff (right? Right?*deludes self*). Ah well, here are some pictures of my trip to the aquarium. It was very fun.

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