Friday, August 21, 2009

Long Time, No See!

Hey you all! I've been busy, really busy. Football season starts in two weeks (!) and I'm a cheerleader, and yes, before you ask, I am buying the Konad Cheer plate. Soon. I hope.
Today I have my favorite polish ever thus far, it even beats Dorothy Who?. It is a FABULOUS franken. Zulu on steriods, sorta. It's a deep almost jelly green with green sparkle AND shimmer and glass flecks. I used 1/2 clear (NYC), 1/4 Sinful Colors San Fransisco, 1/4 Sinful Colors What's Your Name?, and a couple drops of navy. It's a stunner. I was SO excited until I realized, it's a dupe for CG Watermelon Rind only more jelly, less obvious sparkle, darker, and less blue. Ah well.


  1. Really nice color... btw what are u holding on to on the 3rd pic? Lol :D

  2. Oh, My Dad's C-Pap machine

  3. Something to give him oxygen while he sleeps, so he doesn't snore as loud XD

  4. It does look just like Watermelon Rind. Nice job frankening that. Even though you were going for Nars Zulu! Really pretty on you.


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