Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zoya Pippa

Today's polish is a creamy yellow, in my opinion, the closest color to pastel yellow that I own. These pictures are, at best, semi-accurate; all you should learn from them is the fact that Pippa is a yellow. I really liked the application, the brush was a bit big but it worked.
My four new Konad plates arrived! They are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, the book (PopCo) was wonderful, I highly reccomend it!


  1. Love the yellow on you. Are you going to Konad over this? What plates did you get?

  2. Yay for yellow. This color is beautiful! It looks good on you! I may have to pick up the book.

  3. I love yellows! I wore OPI Banana Bandana today and can't stop staring at it. I will be at some time acquiring the Zoya Pippa, as it looks like the brighter cousin of BB! Very cute!


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