Wednesday, July 29, 2009

300 Readers in One Week!

Hey! You know, last week (last Tuesday infact), I put up a counter. It's up to 300 views, that's pretty good but we can hit 700 altogether by next week, right? Okay, that means that you all should visit and read new posts as they appear, not all together.
The Ebay-er has responded again; I believe her that the pics are like such because she broke a nail. She says that she in uncomfortable with the spotlight I have placed on her, for such reasons I will delete the two entries about her. Good with you all? Too bad if it's not. Sorry.
I ordered more Konad! I bought plates M36, M57, M63, and M60. Lots of flowers! I spent $22 dollars for 4 plates! If you want such a great deal use the OC Nail Art promo codes on any popular blog (not mine, yet). I used Brooke's on Getcha Nails Did <-Click! I'll show 'em when I get 'em!
Today at camp it was neon day so I used CC Yell-Oh! for a base color of highlighter yellow, alternating for flower petals and centers I used CC Screamin' Fucshia and CC Orange Revenge. I recived so many complements on these nails, that's how bright they are! Please note, the colors are highlighter yellow, traffic cone orange, and retina-burning pink; very different than as appears in the following pictures.


  1. Very cute!! I love the brights :)

  2. Love the flowers and the colors.

  3. I love this citrus colored mani. Very pretty.


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