Sunday, August 23, 2009

CG Flying Dragon (HOTD)

I know, I know; I write a nail blog but have recently only posted fashion and hair. Well, this is MY blog and it will have posts of whatever I feel like taking pictures of. Sounds good? The real reason for this is that I'm dipping back into old picture files becuase my camera's charger is missing. I know, irresponsible teenager much. Today I have CG Flying Dragon, first picture is matte, without Seche, color is neon and dries VERY matte. Second picture is the final product including topcoat. FD has blue and pink sparkle in a opaque purple base. Last picture is my hair, curled and pulled back into a fancy-looking updo that took 5 minutes (once hair is curled). LOVE IT .


  1. What a cute color, and I love the hair!

  2. Love love LOVE your hair! Flying Dragon is gorgeous - another one to add to my wishlist. Because I don't have enough purples ... honest!


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