Monday, August 24, 2009


MFB is, as you might have guessed, My Favorite Blogs. It's my new section. Check out, she's only one post in but I LOVE the nail art (and she's my 40th follower). Please everyone, I have 40 people that read my writing, these women that I've posted have less than twenty, two of them have less than five, if you guys would just go over and read these blogs it would mean the world to me. Thank you.
Next I have two pairs of fake nails (for sale in my Etsy shop, check the sidebar for link). These are beautiful. If the blue set doesn't sell I may steal it to wear. Check them out, I need some way of funding the nail polish addiction, I'm almost out of polishes that have color (be prepared for a lot of pink).

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  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway and thank you for the wonderful comment =)

    You know I never understood why some blogs have hundreds of followers and others have like 5. The truth is that you actually need to work on putting it out there. You need to comment on other blogs, that way other readers see you and check out the blog when they are bored. Then there are link exchanges, cool giveaways, twitter, etc. Barnes & Noble has an entire section about how to be a successful blogger...can you believe it?? To me that really does not matter. I started the blog to have an outlet to vent while in law school. I love all my readers, but I will never compromise myself just to have a large fan base ya know =)
    With that said, I'd love if you mentioned my blog here, I would not mind any extra exposure and that would give YOU an extra entry =)

    P.S. Your doggy is sooooo cute! I love big fluffy dogs so much and yours looks like a sweetie =)


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