Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nail Art!

I'm sorry these pictures are sloppy! This was nautical themed and looked really cool! I'll have another nautical mani soon!


  1. That's really a cute manicure. I like your little sail boats.

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  3. you obviously have a flair and passion for polish which as a fellow polish junky i can appreciate. so please take this constructive critisicm in the nicest way. if you invision a very small space between your cuticle and your nail and don't actually let the polish brush touch the cuticle, your manicure will turn out much neater. i too am learning better techniques and this tip has really helped my manicures look much nicer. peace, love and nail polish! : )

  4. Thank you, however, this had a lot of layering, my initial coat never touches the cuticle (well, when I'm careful) however my 'ocean' did :(


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