Friday, June 24, 2011

Not loving

Just looks weird on me. Thoughts?


  1. Hmmmmmmm....a dark mustard should only be put on a deli sandwich. At least I don't have to tell you 'oh, it looks interesting!' heee heee We both agree on the verdict here.

  2. Weird. I guess I could see incorporating it in nail art, maybe? If you were painting hot dogs, it might fit in... But otherwise, I think no.

  3. lol yeah nail art... but i would try it. i think it would look good on my skin tone. lol

  4. I actually used to love this color, in my disaffected youth. I bought a pair of footless tights this color @ Parklane Hosiery store; years later, cleaning out a drawer in my childhood bedroom, I found them their, still in their original package. My love of this color didn't last too long. ____ yellow is a truly accurate name for this color.


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