Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look what the cat dragged in...

I have no excuse for being so absent lately. None. I'm so sorry, y'all, I'll definitely try to do better.
So, here's a bunch of pretty pictures of pretty polishes for you. It's the Dr.'s Remedy Winter collection. Dr.'s Remedy polish is supposed to be all special and good for your nails, which is pretty awesome, I think. But, more importantly (at least to me) they have good, non-boring colors. Actually, fantastic, unique colors. Your going to love this...
Revive Ruby Red-
This is a re-promo, it came out last year or so, I believe. It's a darker, glowy red. Takes two coats to perfect, and it'll be adorable come Christmas time, though it's lovely now.

Essential Emerald-
Yeah, it's essential. Really, get it. A unique green with slight silver shimmer. Just adore this one. Two and a half coats.

Passion Purple-
Didn't want to by photographed. I gave it my best, though, and I think I captured it okay. It's a pretty purple, the shimmer isn't as prominent as other, similar colors. Of the collection, this one was one of the less unique.

Now, the glitters. A quick note on these, they chipped like I've never experienced before. I can honestly say that I've never painted my nails, let them dry, top coated, went to bed, and woken up with severely chipped nails. I did give each polish a shot, and they both chipped so quickly. Maybe they just don't like my nails. A shame, as they're both super gorgeous and unique at two coats.
Resolution Red Glitter-

Serene Silver Glitter-

The names are pretty bad. They just don't make sense aside form the alliteration. Really, though, a complex silver glitter labeled as 'serene'. No. Just no. Still, Dr.'s Remedy made some of my new favorite polishes, and I'll be reaching for some, like Essential Emerald, all the time. So pretty.

These were sent to me for review, that did not affect my opinion of them in the slightest.

And because I'm quickly becoming obsessed with this guy, one of the best songs I've heard in a while:


  1. I love the emerald polish, but I ADORE the voice on that guy! Who is he? Where did/does he come from?! :)

  2. He's Austin Kyle. No clue where he's from, but he's on iTunes. Isn't he fantastic?!


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