Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Google took away my ads because they suspected fraud. I made $60 in no time flat, and I swear I didn't cheat. I never once clicked my own ads, and I have nowhere near the expertise to make some kind of auto-clicky thingy-majig. So I lost the $60 and the ability to have ads. It is really awful that I can't contest this because I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG.

Anyway, I just got a new baby, a Canon Rebel T3. Yup, finally I'm upgrading. I still need a macro lens before I can take nail pics with it, but look at the lovely pictures I took. (I'm proud of myself, I don't consider myself any kind of photographer, but I took these AND edited them all by my self :D)

I obviously have a thing for high-contrast, darkened, saturated images. And broken buildings. And doors, but no wonderful pics came from that small obsession.


  1. Pretty pictures! I wish there were some nice broken buildings like that around here to photograph.

  2. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I love high contrast stuff like that, and they're slightly creepy a la Silent Hill. Beeeauuuutiful. Sorry Google is being a jerk.

  3. I love the third picture. It looks like the staircase is defying gravity.


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