Friday, March 16, 2012

I Dare to Wear!

Mmmm, these are pretty polishes. I have to say, Dare to Wear is quickly becoming one of my favorite polish brands. I had not anticipated liking these so much and have in fact worn some of them post-swatching *GASP*. Currently, actually, I have a quite pretty rose manicure with a base of Always and Forever and flowers done in Angel From Above with itty-bitty Moon River (not pictured, I lost my swatch of that. I'll do another soon for you all) leaves. Please note, I also lost the swatch of Our Sweet Eden, but I'll post it when I locate/re-swatch it.

Any way, these are all so unique, but I'll do the talking after the pictures.

Shangri-La- Okay, this one has a story. Basically, I'm not a turquoise polish fan. I'm a teenager and I just find SO many of my peers to wear that same turquoise frost that seems so abundant at Rite-Aid. Not to be a snob, but really, it always looks rather off-putting to me. So, I try to avoid that look. I have nothing at all against bright polish (clearly), turquoise just doesn't do it for me usually.
So, when I opened the package and saw Shangri-La, I figured I'd swatch it and give it to a friend (Helene) who would wear it more than I. Well, sorry Helene, but I LOVE THIS POLISH. It's so pretty, a blue base with no frost at all, just pretty green shimmer. I am so sorry, Shangri-La for expecting so little of you when you are so absolutely gorgeous. So, yeah, it's a keeper.

My Sweet Dreams- Looks so pink with one coat, gradually growing redder and then oranger with two and three coats. It's pretty, but not as mindblowing as the other colors.

Always and Forever- Mauve. I know mauve isn't loved by many of the polish crowd, but this is that special mauve. That dirty, greyed out, trendy mauve. Just a bit more mauve that the mauves of last year, a little more classic. I actually love this polish the most. It's work-appropriate and so pretty and classic. ADORE.

Angel From Above- A pretty light lavender. I think there might be some slight shimmer in there, but it's practically invisible on the nail. Opaque in three coats.

The items in the post were sent to me for review. This did not impact my opinion of them or comments on them.

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