Friday, April 20, 2012

Painted Tips Polish is a GO!

HEY EVERYONE, I have exciting news!

You know how I gave away some of my frankens and told you people I'd be selling them soon? Well, guess what?!

(You probably guessed it, but they're now for sale).

You can buy the Jane Eyre collection and many more at my Etsy shop, Painted Tips Polish. The price is $7.50 a bottle, which is the lowest I could make it while still turning a modest profit.

Here's some pictures of my pretties:


  1. You should do swatches and put at least one picture of each polish on the nail.

  2. The last one in the post is sooo pretty!
    I don't see it in your store, or is is there? :)

  3. Hi Sil! It's To the Stars and can be found here (

    Thank you!


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