Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's still sunny here

Errr, well, it was. And then it started raining so hard the roads flooded and we almost beat some records. Anyway, when it was sunny, I took these pictures. 

OPI Sanderella. A hard to find and super pretty purple holographic polish. I can post a comparison of my purple holos if you're interested, it'd just take awhile to edit and I don't want to do that if no one really cares.

Talk about late to the party. Wow. The OPI sorbets are so pretty, why didn't I get any when they first came out?! Guy Meets Gal-Vaston is a corally color that is pretty enough on but it's really Too Pink to Hold 'Em that's my favorite. It looks like raspberries. 


  1. Wow Sanderella is stunning! Love the two jellies :)

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