Monday, March 22, 2010

Green SPAM!!!

There is sun today!!!! SPAM!!!! Labels and colors first, opinions second.
Okay, OPI Jade is the New Black

This one is gorgeous. This is from the new Hong Kong collection. It is easily the best readily available green that OPI has to offer. It is a dusty creme green, leaning a little darker and much dustier than a standard green. Why I prefer this above the other greens, it just doesn't emphasize redness as much.
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (MATTE) second pic is + topcoat

This is nice, it's a tad stark but that's okay. The matte look is super flat, like wall paint. I like this, I don't love it but it's nice.
OPI Green-Wich Village

I haven't actually worn this before because it is a pain in the patutii to apply. DANG, it's so thin! Cuticle flooding every time I attempt it. Nice, but not worth the application.
Sally Hansen Green With Envy

I loved this one in every swatch I saw of it. On me it's nice, it is an 'envious' color, if that makes any sense. This is what I imagine when people say "Pea green with envy".

What do you all think of the pics? Is the lighting better than normal? Is the application too rushed? OPINIONS!!!

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