Friday, March 5, 2010

Mini Haul!

LA Girls Punk

Maybelline Sweet Clementine

Maybelline Pie in the Sky

The Maybellines are from the new spring collection. They are bright pastels (OXYMORON!). Okay, they are bright colors with white and a tough of grey in them. Better? I will be wearing Sweet Clementine today because it looks puuuuuuudddy (don't judge me XD). Pie in the Sky was similar to Zoya Yummy, I'll give ya'll a comparison soon. Punk is so pretty in the bottle, but less pretty on the nail. It just turns to a navy shimmer :(. Oh and, Helene drew on my hand. It's a marionette, Ballerina, and Speaker System. I have no idea why XD


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