Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All the Burlesque Sparkles+

Three coats of all of these.

Rising Star. This is gorgeous gold foil-y polish with some subtle red sparkles in the sun. I love this so much, honestly, this collection has literally taken my breath away.

Tease-y Does It. I've already reviewed this in the post below.

The Show Must Go On. Super pretty! It's been compared to MAC's new LE release Bad Fairy, but this is on the pinker side. I'll take better pictures one of these days, I did not get the duo-chrominess of this at all.

Let Me Entertain You. A deep pink polish with fine lighter pink shimmer/micro glitter (almost!).Love love love. Seriously, this polish is <3

Take The Stage. Orangey-er/ coppery-er foil. How cute would this be for Halloween?

Ali's Big Break. Hey, I'm Allya, close enough, right? Well, this is a jelly red with micro-flakies (my term for small, irregular glitter)that are a pink-red. So hot.

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