Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'll be seeing you

I'm banned from blogging until my science grade comes up. I'm working really hard and I hope to return (triumphantly) sometime in the next few weeks.
I also can't paint my nails until my grade rises, so I won't even have a lot of backlogged pics when I get back.
Until then, lovely readers, adiós.
I'll miss you.


  1. good luck with your science grade!

  2. Good luck! School should always come first, even before nails. I hope you do well and are proud of yourself when you get there.


  3. Aww, that's sucks. I understand how that can be though. Hopefully you will be back in action pretty good. Good luck on the grades! :D

  4. We'll miss you too! *hugs* Good luck with that science grade - you go girl!


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