Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

This is from Orly's winter collection, it's a green with a weak blue duochrome (only in the bottle) and micro-flakies (my term, flakies but really small). It's really, really pretty close up but just 'meh' from farther away. I really do think this has potential and I'll try it again when there's sun.


  1. haha. "but just 'meh' from farther away"
    I have that feeling a lot too :P

  2. Nice color! very similar to Cosmic polishes!

  3. You Nailed It!: Glad I'm not the only with this feeling! Such a shame because it really is beautiful in the super close up.
    Dana: I totally agree, this would have fit right in!

  4. I bought it and when i see your pic I have no regrets :)


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