Monday, February 21, 2011


I'll be emailing you for your address shortly. You have three days, 72 hours, to respond before another winner will be chosen.

Doing this giveaway was really, really exciting for me. I like noticing the details of people, the small things that not everyone sees, like nails, or specific hair styles. Because I notice this in others, I try my best to model it well for myself. Of course, my nails are always painted and NEVER chipped (blegh!), but I never spend enough time on my hair. This is curious as I do try and dress nicely, I wear make-up, I have good posture; all the basics, but I seem to ignore my poor hair!
There is something about straight hair that gives it shine, makes it bounce, and swing around the face beautifully. Currently my hair's too short to straighten, but I find straight hair universally flattering and a nice change on those days you just don't want to throw it up in a ponytail. Natalie's getting the gift of pretty hair (though I'm sure hers is gorgeous already!), but you don't have to miss out just because she won this contest. If you use the coupon code GIVEAWAY10 you can get 10% off of Karmin Products, a great deal for some great hair products.
So, ladies, starting now I vow to treat myself by spending time on more than just my nails, I'm going to style my hair as well. Who's with me? If you need some tools to get started, check out Karmin HERE.


  1. Congrats to Natalielyn! :) You are so right about short hair being hard to straighten, I have the same problem :(

  2. Yayyyyyy! Im so excited! Patiently waiting for the email! Thanks you so much!

    -Natalie Lyn


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