Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy

Three coats each, except Dark Brown, which only needed two.
Before swatching, I was loving Ruby Red, but that one turned out to be the problem child! The formula was a bit too thin for my liking, and it was pretty sheer for a red.
Desire Dark Brown had the best formula out of the trio. It went on with two, thin, smooth coats. And the color, even though I wear more black than brown, was perfection. This is my pick of the bunch.
Healing Heather Grey looks awesome in the bottle. Pretty much just as awesome on the nail too, and I see myself wearing it a lot. Of the three, I know that this has some dupes, but none in my stash.

The colors aren't really what makes the polish line stand out, though they are all SUPER gorgeous. And it isn't the bottle either, which looks very modern and strikingly Chanel-esk. What makes this line special is that it was developed by podiatrists to be good for you! It has all sorts of cool things like tea tree oil to prevent icky fungus.

I haven't worn any of these long enough to test wear, but I know that Heather Grey's going on my nails soon!

These were sent to me for review. I did not factor that in while testing and reviewing them.


  1. they are all so pretty. you can't go wrong with nail polishes made by podiatrists! Heather Grey is very similar to Wet Cement Sally Hansen Extreme Wear...gorgeous!

  2. I didn't think of that! I love Wet Cement, I'll have to compare them.

  3. Chanel-esque* It's French, which is fitting as you used Chanel as an example. Sorry. I know I'm crazy. But I also love the polishes :)


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