Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yeah, I don't like that calendar thing... On another note- FRANKEN!

Yesterday, I was in a craft store. I recently decided that I'd like to franken more, and so I went on a mission to find glitter. I did, indeed, find glitter, but more on that later. What is more important, is that I found this. Gold leaf. And I put it in a clear base and now I'd like to have it on my nails forever. It's stunning.

So stunning, that I'd like to share. I was thinking about starting to mix my own frankens and sell them. This one would be included, of course, as I can't imagine not sharing it. There are some kinks to be worked out, like deciding whether the gold leaf needs to be cut finer. I like it blingy-er, like this, but maybe the pieces should be just a bit smaller. I also need to make an order for empty bottles. I don't want to spend that money if there'd be no buyers so, here's my question for y'all, would you buy this franken? I'm thinking about pricing them all at $7, except ones with gold leaf, which would be $10. Is that a good price?


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