Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am obsessed

Hey everyone!

Just finished up my first semester of senior year. This makes me a second-semester-senior, which I hear will inspire laziness like no other. I'm not the type to just stop caring about school, though, so don't expect posts during times of heavy work-load. That said, I should be able to post quite a bit more now.

I've also discovered the queue function, so I can write a ton of posts when I have a chunk of time and then schedule them. This'll help a lot!


Pure Ice sent me some awesome polishes for review, so those'll be the subject of the next few posts (I have seven swatched, so I can guarantee regular updates for a while!). I really put off trying Monte Carlo because it looked like a berry creme and... eh..

 I have helpfully provided you with a TON of photos.
The lighting on this one's kind of weird, but it was showing up really pink with the indirect light by my window, so I tried to balance it out with a darker indoors shot.

Then I thought that it needed glitter, so I added First Party, just for kicks

 But I soon grew bored of that, so another coat of Monte Carlo was thrown on top and.... 

 I am in love. I can't even handle how gorgeous
 Like, do you see this? It's like Valentines Day subtly threw up on my nails

I think I'm ruined for every polish ever now. I never want my nails to look like anything but that ever again. It's too beautiful.

Disclaimer: The unusual amount of enthusiasm displayed in the above post is because of drop-dead polishes. While they were sent to me for review, that had no bearing on how much I ended up adoring them. I rarely get this excited about polishes, free or purchased. 

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