Saturday, November 7, 2009

I've (Finally) Been Tagged!!!!!!!

But it was a tag for 'everyone who hasn't already done this' :(. Ah well. The tag is Kreative Blogger Award. The rules of this tag is for me to list seven things about me, and tag another seven bloggers to do the same.

So here are my seven random facts:
1) I ate my first mushroom ever two months ago, it was on a pizza and I was curious so I tried it. Not bad but I doubt I would ever order something specifically for the mushroom.
2) I'm a foodie. I love to cook, and to eat! Baking cookies is my specialty.
3) I used to wear a full face of makeup everyday, now, I don't wear any.
4) My allowence is $3.50 a week. Pretty sad, so I baby-sit to make up for my polish habit.
5) My parents don't care that I'm almost at 100 followers, they think polish is a waste of money and blogging is a waste of time.
6) I named me 7 year old sister 'Zoe' because my my best friend (when I was younger) had a sister named Zoe and she was very well behaved, I wanted the same deal (it was a no-go).
7) This is my first tag ever.

Now, how do I know if someone tagged me? Like if I forget to read their blog or something (because I'm just that oblivious)
Now the seven bloggers, sorry if I get someone who has already been tagged :)
Never Too Much Glitter
Pretty Clever
The final three? Anyone else who hasn't been tagged!!!!


  1. heya thankies for tagging me :) this is my first time being tagged as well :P

    XoX Shannon

  2. Thank you for the tag darling :-) Oh and I think it's awesome that you have 100 followers! :-D

  3. Congrats on the 100 followers! My God, no makeup!!! Why? I have so much makeup I think I could supply Sephora. Crazy love for nail polish and all makeup.


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