Saturday, November 21, 2009

Problem Solved! Thank you lovely ladies!!!!!

Okay, here's the whole story....
Nailene sent me some products to review, I've NEVER used fakes before so I thought I'd start with a harmless french (Nailene So Real). It looked waaaaaay fake on it's own so I added some of the stickers they sent (Bedazzle Super Star), it was pretty so I sealed it with the top coat (Acrylic Strong Top Coat, I believe it's called), the stickers began lifting and peeling off and soon the mani was lumpy and icky looking. I soaked my nails in and acetone based remover (won't ever do that again) and the fakes just turned to jelly. Very very sticky, thick, bound-my-nails jelly. ICK. I buffed and soaked and finally they're off!!!!! I needed them off fast because I couldn't wear that no-so-hot mess outside where I was going to fundraise for my ski racing team. I'll let my nails heal for a little while before EVER trying that again! The products I used were good, the stickers thin, the nails a tad to short, and the top coat not-so-fast drying. I'd like to give these a nice review but right now my experience is a bit clouded.

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