Saturday, November 21, 2009


If anyone knows how to remove press-on fakes, TELL! I've soaked in acetone for 1 hour per hand and I can't leave the house with these. Pics coming soon.... Promise. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


  1. Try warming your acetone in the microwave for about 10 seconds. But really acetone soak is the only way. Do you have an acrylc nail remover tub with the scrubbies?

  2. whoa -

    ♥ when did you apply these nails.....

    ♥ I would try soaking in warm water if the acetone isn't working in less than 15 minutes.

    ♥ If none of these things work, I would cut them down to a manageable size (nubs) and buff out whatever is left on your nail, to create an even, non-bumpy surface and paint them a neutral color.

    ♥ why do you have to take them off in a hurry?

    I will check back with some other ideas, I do hope everything works out okay.... Good luck, soaking in warm soapy water usually works for me, after I have been wearing false nails after a few days.....

  3. Have you tried some solvent without acetone ?

  4. Are you using 100% acetone? The solvent would need to be 100% acetone to work. I would warm the acetone in a bath of hot water and not in the microwave since acetone is flammable. One microwave might heat faster/higher than another. It was a trick I learned from Nails Magazine. Good Luck!

  5. YOU NEED 100% acetone.. not just acetone remover!! I HAVE MADE THIS MISTAKE!!! ues 100% and it will melt in a minute!!!!!!!!


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