Monday, December 27, 2010

Doesn't this look like Minx?

Don't mind the smearing! You can't see that in real life, but macro caught it....
This is the pink snowman from Rite Aid with SH Uptempo Plum over. I used the Bundle Monster plates, which a lovely MUA-er gave to me. How cute is this?

Now, by the way, I feel really bad for saying no more giveaways. Yes, I was (and still am a bit) frustrated that with so many followers I feel so forgotten, but that stems from issues outside of this blog and it's not really you guys' fault. So, there may be a giveaway, it would just have to happen after my really hectic January. I'm sorry for going off on you like that.


  1. Pretty! Some Bm plates are really great uh :) I hope you don't feel forgotten, cause that is totally unnessecary! just because not everybody always comments etc (like me, *guilty*) doesn't mean we don't appreciate what you are showing us! You're doing a great job, take care :)

  2. I like the blog also, keep it up

  3. this is cute! i really love that shade of pink (pinks are my favorite..) can you show a picture of a bottle? :D i LOVE novelty!!


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