Friday, December 24, 2010


Okay, I did it as promised :)
I'll go through with pictures step by step, I hope it works for y'all!

Base coat (I used CC Stuck on You)
A black polish (I used Sinful Colors What's Your Name)
A set of glitter in whatever colors you'd like (I used Martha Stewart)
A empty franken bottle (not a necessity but it's nice)
A paper to catch the extra glitter
Top coat. Lots of it (I used SH Insta-Dri)

1) Paint nails with base coat.

2) Paint nails with black. I only used one coat.

3) Sprinkle black glitter sparingly over WET polish.

4) Sprinkle color one over WET polish.

5) Sprinkle color two, three, and four accordingly over WET polish.

6) Shake/tap excess glitter off onto paper.

7) Add top coat

8) Move on to next nail. This NEEDS to be done one nail at a time.

9) Now remember that frankening bottle I recommended you having? Add your excess glitter into there with some clear. It looks awesome. (Nails on right, franken messily swatched on left)

10) Tada!

If you use this tutorial to do your own nails, please email me a picture!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I love all that glitter!

  2. Great Tutorial Girl!
    Thanks so much i really like it

  3. this is great! where do you get your glitter from?

  4. Cathryn, I bought it from Michaels, it's $30 but there's often sales.
    Everyone else, thank you so much :) It's not too difficult and the results are very eyecatching.

  5. Babe next time I come over will you do my nails like this please??? -Lila <3

  6. Lila! You read this? :P
    Okay, will do :)


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