Saturday, December 11, 2010


Big numbers. Wow, when I started blogging I never actually expected people to read my ramblings! It's been a little while now and we're seeing big numbers. Huge numbers, at least for me. I'm one away from 300 followers, 2 away from 50,000 page hits since last July, and 8 posts over 300. Do you know how much that means to me?! To have stuck with this, and to have you all stick with me, is amazing. More than amazing, actually. It makes me so, so happy.
This blog has seen me through a lot. I graduated middle school and worked my way up to become a sophomore (a suffer-more, as we say). I've written through heart-break and scandal, everything from the obvious topic (nails) to bullying. And y'all have been through it all with me.
I guess I just really wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making my day that much brighter with your lovely comments and thank you for just being here. I look forward to hunderds more posts and (hopefully) hunderds more followers.


Hey! I love reading all of your comments!