Sunday, July 3, 2011

One of the wonderful things about blogging

is the friends you make.
I've met SO many people through this blog and MUA. It's even better, I feel, because I am a teen. Teenagers are vicious and sometimes I feel attacked for having polish as a hobby, but people who love polish understand and are supportive when I need it and hilarious always.
Valerie is another polish-loving teen. I found her through MUA and, though we live pretty close, we've never met. Still, I enjoy talking to her about polish and school and everything else that fills a teenager's head.
Anywho, recently she began blogging. And when I say recently, I don't really mean that, I've just neglected to feature her thus far (SORRY!). She's reached the milestone of 70 followers and is having a giveaway of Island Girl polishes, which aren't available in many places. How cool is that?!
Check her out, and more because she's an incredible person with pretty nails rather than because you could possibly win free polish (though that's a pretty good incentive).


  1. Cool! :) I'll definitely check out her blog.

  2. You're awesome! Thanks for the kind words. Maybe this summer we can finally get together! :)


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