Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Rescue Beauty Lounge Spam

I swatched my full collection of RBLs recently as "Rescue Beauty Lounge" seems to be the highest search that brings people to my blog! Yes, I just found the Stats page. Anywho, here's all my RBLs. I adore them all. Mismas is not pictured because she hates my camera.


  1. Ooh I LOVE Coral and Starfish Patrick on you!! SP is still untried for me, but your pics make me wanna bust it out! :-)

  2. Oh, great collection of RBL's!

  3. I love Coral and under the Stars. Are RBLs worth the money?

  4. Rbls are worth it! I just got my first bottle last week. Plie is the color and so far 7 days and no chips. Amazing stuff!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the last two! Such pretty colours.
    Infact, I love them all. Definitely going to have to get myself some of these xx


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