Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Del Sol polish!

For you today I have some pretty interesting polishes. And I don't mean interesting with that long, drawn out breath that is actually a polite way to say "weird". I mean genuinely curious polishes. They change color under UV rays, aka, the sun.
And, for the most part, it's a dramatic change. You'll notice, I promise.

First up, Ruby Slipper. Shown in the sun and in the shade. This polish is easily my favorite of the bunch. Every company seems to have the "Ruby Pumps" polish. A polish with a red jelly base and glitter, and they're all the same. For the most part, I avoid purchasing any more of the dozens of re-incarnations of Dorothy's slippers because, frankly, once you've seen one, you've seen them all. Well, not this time. This polish is a demure little silver glitter. Pretty and almost elegant, and not too eyecatching. I adore this, and, funnily enough, my mother does to. She has me give her pedicures, something neutral and natural, and one day I slipped this into the routine. She was really, really not appreciative until a few days later, when she asked me to patch it up. And then, a week later, she had me re-do her toes in a blood red. This polish single-handedly converted her! A must buy, I think. Different than anything you own. 3 coats.

Peek a Boo is quite a shy one. It appears in the bottle as a clear with a tinge of yellow. On the nail it shows (eek) all the imperfections and discolorations that come with daily polishing. A polish you could wear to work. And then, take it into the sun, and BAM! Red! A jelly red, too. I'm not a fan of the indoor color (and I REALLY need to buff my nails out. They look awful) but the outdoor color is really special. My second favorite. 2 coats (should've done three).

Foxy's a pretty pink. A color that's a tad generic, not something that'd get compliments as it's just a shade that I think we've seen a hundred times. But it's a pretty pink, and, if you don't have one in your collection, it's worth a look. And, oh yeah, it changes to a gorgeous red-purple in the sun! The color change is MUCH more subtle than the first two, but it's there and it's pretty. 3 coats.

The only one that wasn't complete love from me was this, the last, Electrick. Frosty blue. Streaky with brushstrokes. The indoor shade is BLEGH and the outdoor isn't any better, a pale lime that's not saturated enough to show the change in color as much as I'd like. I wore this to camp and the kids ADORED it. While I'm not a fan, the color change is visible and very, very entertaining to six year olds. 3 coats.

Things you gotta know:
-These polishes aren't cheap, but they're something you don't see a lot. Maybe the color change is a gimmick, but it's undeniably fun.
-Your topcoat likely has a UV protector in it. Don't apply it over these, if you do, you won't see any change in the sun.
-If you don't buy Ruby Slipper, you're clinically insane.

Disclosure- Some of the polishes in this post were sent to me for review. That did not change my opinion of them.

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