Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zoya Spam

Received all of these today from my polish date with the lovely Lavender Parfait . She doesn't like Zoyas, so I don't like her (I kid, she's ah-dorable. Such a sweetie and SO much fun to shop for polish with).

3 coats each.

Dove. Dove is a soft grey creme. Pretty polish, but I messed up the application (darn me and my clumsy fingers). I will DEFINITELY be wearing this soon, it's a beautiful, soft color.

Gemma is murkier than my photo, I swear, and less blurry. Sorry! It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of this one. Pretty, pretty, pretty- but not my style. I wouldn't have purchased it, but I will wear it, as it's unique in pretty much every way.

Tanzy's just what I needed, a pretty, sparkly orange. Zoya Sienna was a potential cousin, in my mind, but Sienna has shimmer the same tone as the base (as opposed the the gold in Tanzy) and a brighter orange base, if I remember correctly.

Venus. You can skip this. Seriously, worst formula on a Zoya I've ever found. Thick and sheer and GROSS. I did get it used from a nail salon, maybe something's happened to it? I hope this isn't actually a representation of this color as ordered from the Zoya website. BLEGH.

Caitlin. Ah, Caitlin. MUCH redder in real life. MUCH. A purple with some grey, a lovely color that's unique to my stash and pretty on my hands. I adore it, but it broke my camera! NO setting would get this true to life, none.

Rica was my favorite. I think. Well, I'm pretty sure that at least for now, Rica is my true Zoya love. A STUNNING pink with gold shimmer, that wonderful shimmer, too, that Zoya does so well. So, so pretty.

And Apple, the most beautiful light green in my stash. Zoya hit the mark on this one. I own a few Zoya greens and I'm more than "meh" about them. To give you a hint, haven't worn some of them at all, and the others I threw on TWO YEARS AGO just to swatch. But this beauty... I'll wear it a LOT. Especially on my toes :D


  1. So bad to hear it about Venus. This colour is lovely! Gemma looks really interesting to me also.

  2. Know what? I don't like you either.

    ...nah just kidding. I'm glad you like the Zoyas though! I'm wearing the pink holo you gave me and I pretty much want to marry it

  3. giveaway Sigma:

  4. They're all so pretty! I have Gemma, so I love that one. But my favorites are Rica and Apple. :)

  5. I <3 Zoya! :D beautiful photos


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