Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's talk about pretties

Specifically, this ring. Isn't it STUNNING?! It's actually been sitting on my desk for review for... months. I suck. It's from Chunky Bling. It's a ring made from swarovski crystals. The ring stretches to accommodate larger and smaller fingers, but it doesn't feel 'cheap'. Generally I avoid rings that stretch to fit, as they feel flimsy, but this one felt sturdy. It's a BIG ring, as you can see from its profile, but it's comfortable to wear. The price is $10, which is a STEAL. I wore it out yesterday and got lots of compliments.

And a bonus picture of my nails, Petites Craze. Very, very pretty. Love the different sizes of glitter.

The ring was sent to me for review. This did not alter my opinion of it.

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