Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long time- no see!

I'm sorry, everyone. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. The thing is, I'm now sixteen (!!!!!!!!) and I'm taking a full load of college level courses, basically. I'm taking the most rigorous classes available at my high school, as well as doing a variety of extra-curriculars and I'm so stressed out and pressed for time. I won't blog if it means neglecting my home work, just won't do it.
I've been doing my nails most of the time, and it was just my birthday (!!!!) so I have some new polish.
OH! And, I have a NEW FANCY CAMERA IN THE MAIL. A SLR! But I have not acquired a macro lens, so I might not be able to actually use if for nail photos.
OPI Swimsuit- Nailed It! is stunning. But I might never wear it again as my nails are BLUE. Not just blue, but BLUE. And I took the polish off days ago. I've never encountered a stainer like this one, no bueno, OPI.


  1. WOW! Trust me you will thank yourself for those courses when your a college grad at 20! (if not sooner) I have heard about the staining with this polish! Looks good though!

  2. Congrats on the course load. As a college student at the moment... I think it gets easier!

    What lens are you getting with your SLR? I just have a stock zoom lens and that's what I'm using for all my nail photos.


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