Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shiny pretty

I could write poetry about my love for Color Club polishes, specifically their neons and glitters- but I won't. You can thank me later.
Anywho, Color Club makes some wicked polish, and for practically nothing. I bought this set of glitters at Ross for somewhere around $8 for six? seven? of them. Good deal, but they came nameless and I'm too lazy to find the names now. Comment if you want to know any of them specifically and I'll go a'looking. Oh, and Black Shatter is awesome.


  1. What a great deal you got and for such pretty colors!

  2. The names of the polishes are listed on the back of the box they came in. I use color sticky dots to label mine. I'll never remember them on my own. ;)

    Your swatches are DA BOMB!!!!!!

  3. I have to agree with Kimberly you do have bomb swatches! Cool mani!

  4. Paint That Nail, Ross has GREAT deals for Color Club, it's awesome.
    Kimberly, I know they are, but I toss the boxes out (WHOOPSIE!). I should really get around to labeling... And thank you :D
    Thanks to you too, My Nail Diva :)

  5. I love Color Club polishes so much. Every single Color Club polish that I own is AWESOME and I can't say that about every brand that I own. These glitters are so pretty! <3

  6. I just love the way shimmer and vivid colors are peaking through black shatter :)


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