Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seeing spots

So, I saw Color Club's scented polishes, turned up my nose, and then forgot about them. They all like like CC neons I already own, and the gimmick of scent is actually a turn off for me (what if it makes me smell noxious?). But then, then Yum Gum happened. And it's so darn pretty. I wore it alone for 3 days, added the leopard print tonight, and will wear it until tomorrow night. It's walks that fine line between a true neon and a polish that's wearable for non-polish freaks. It's BRIGHT, but not retina-searing. It's actually perfect. Though, it's rather photo-shy, only reveling that pretty pepto-color in the worst of lighting. Please forgive me and my awful pictures (at least they're color accurate!).

3 coats.


  1. This bubble gum pink is fantastic, it has the right amount of shine and color to fit me and the print compliments it perfectly

  2. LOVE the color combination! So pretty! :D

  3. the base color is so beautiful!!

  4. Love the color combination! This is such a cute mani :-)


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