Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sation's like that indie (or all of those indies) that have gorgeous colors but are never in stock. Except, Sation's in stock, and considerably cheaper. There's something undeniably unique, though, about these glitters.

To start, here's a nude of theirs. It's called 'Down & Dirty Flirty'. It's a bit pinker than the usual beige, and I love that. I think it plays off my skin tone very nicely.

On that I layered 'Oh My Gaudy', a super complicated glitter topcoat. It has silver foil, red large glitters, gold small ones, and then red and silver bar glitters. It does have a tendency to settle, so make sure to shake it up!

Here's a close up of Gaudy. So unique, isn't it?!

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