Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day Back Nails! Haul!

Hello! Tommorrow is my first day so today I painted my nails in preperation. I used CC Magic Attraction for nails flashy enough to gather attention. Purrrrdy holo-ness. MA is a silver glitter/holo that is out-of-this-world sparkley. Becuase of its grit factor, I finished my bottle of Seche and went to Sally's to buy more (twice the price but no shipping wait) and found that they are running a promo, buy Seche Vite and get Seche Clear as well! I also picked up Orly Enchanted Forset (I've been lemming is something fierce). My toes today are all CC, Orange Revenge, Power Play, Yell-Oh!, and Screamin' Fucshia with Northern Lights on top (more as a top-coat than a glitter, by this point I had already finished my Seche).


  1. Love you manicure. Holo and glittery is gorgeous. Love the pedicure. So pretty! Will you be wearing some flip flops so your toes can be seen? Have a good school year!

  2. wow, that is a similar color... But understated is the way to go, at least for the first day... :)

    btw, about how much is seche vite at sally's? because they definitely don't sell that at walgreen's... lol :)

  3. Great haul, and I love your colorful pedi!

  4. wow... i love the holo glitz so much...

  5. Loving the pedi! I'm inspired to try this on my toes :-)


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