Sunday, September 6, 2009


I've been in NY since Wednesday, sorry for up and leaving with no explaination. I don't any pictures for now (camera's all packed away) but I am anouncing a giveaway! Yup. But, I don't have any prizes. Please comment on this post with a China Glaze or Orly shade that you are DYING to try, I'll come back with a contest once I have enough ideas!


  1. I would soooo love to try CG OMG COllection.. i finally found it on a website.. and then they didnt ship to my country and then i more or less gave up :( i know its a well often posted polish but i love it and its so beautiful ;D

  2. waaaaaaaaaa.... i really want china glaze... im very lemming on that...specially the omg & other HOLO polish of china glaze.. how i wish i could find a person who will be interested to swap things from me...i have no China glaze polish coz its not available here in abu dhabi nor in Philippines =(


Hey! I love reading all of your comments!