Sunday, February 21, 2010

Resolution Watch II

Last week I planned to...
*Do 200 crunches a night for at least 4 nights this week- (ACCOMPLISHED!)
*Drink 1+ bottles of water (from my reusable water bottle) a day- (INCOMPLETE)
*Do all of my homework before I go on nail blogs- (ACCOMPLISHED)
*Keep my room completely clean for the whole week- (NOT EVEN CLOSE)
Well, 2/4 isn't that bad, right? Okay, this week I plan to...
*Have my room clean on Friday
*Only eat sweets once a day
*200 crunches 4 nights a week
*Wii Fit 2 a week
*Yoga before going to school
*Blog posts 4 times this week
I'll check back in on Sunday!

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