Sunday, February 7, 2010

So, last night was winter formal....

And I wore this gold F21 dress and shoes + CG Unplugged. So much fun! I didn't dance with anyone but my friends but still, a really good time. On to some nail swatches (note, these are all oldies, backlogged oldies)
RBL No More War vs MAC Dry Martini. NMW on index, alternating from there.

Sally Hansen Inta Dri Rapidly Rosy

Orly Prince Charming

Zoya Tallulah on a friend’s nails

CG Lubu Heels


  1. wow you look gorgeous on your gold f21 dress.. super nice.. =)

  2. What happened to Chainmail Chic? Don't get discouraged this quickly.

  3. CC will be up and running again. Thank you for the positive encouragement

  4. i love your outfit for winter formal, you totally rock it!


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