Friday, February 12, 2010


Thumb to pinky, OPI DS Signiture + silver balls, RBL Smitten + OPI Mad as a Hatter + white Art Deco, CG Salsa + white Art Deco, CG Strawberry Fields + white Art Deco, CG White Out + Nichole Love Your Life. Don't forget about my nail art contest! Review of the prize down below!
The prize for the contest is Skin MD Shielding Lotion, my verdict? I loved it!
Dries/absorbs quickly
Not greasy
Appropriate for facial use
Didn't irritate severe acne

Not extremely moisturizing

I would buy it if.....
You have acne
You want to keep your cuticles looking decent
You have oily skin
You spend time in dry climates

My story....
I have severe acne, combination skin, and I spend 8+ hours a week skiing. What this means for me is an alternation between oil slick and patch dryness on my face. You see, when you ski, the wind whips at your face, sucking all the moisture out. This could be easily treated with a heavy lotion except for the issue that you (well me, at least) start to sweat. Ew. I also have the terrible habit of touching my face often, I feel that I break out when I use heavy hand-creams as I transfer that to my 'danger zone'. Fun stuff. This is $18 a bottle, quite pricey but totally worth it if you brave all extremes.

A big thank you to Skin MD for sending this product for review as well as providing for the giveaway.


  1. Aww this is cute! My daughter told me to tell you see really likes the index finger. :)

  2. Polished, tell your daughter that I love the index finger the most :)


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