Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is Wet n' Wild white topped with CC Screamin' Fuchsia, Orange Revenge, and Yell-Oh! This is, of course, water marbled. I wanted this to look like strawberry lemonade but it received a lot of comments relating to ice cream and candy. Whatever. Anywho, this is so yummy looking, I'm really proud of it! Especially my ring finger (which is why you all get an extra close up).


  1. LOvely colour
    creative mix

    Love it

  2. These colors go really well together!

  3. OMG i wanna eat your nails, haha!

  4. This manicure, came out really nice!

    I love the candy references, this reminds me of pulled taffy when they first start to add the color dye :):)


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