Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I fixed it :)

I'm now using Flickr. Much better!

Hey! Um, six days left on the giveaway (here) and if you go here and comment with a response on this post (yes, the one you are reading this second) then you can get an extra entry. Easy enough, right?
Cool beans.
Shanna and I got together and I did her nails all skittle-y! I have a very similar manicure here. She took the picture with my camera, I wouldn't have posted it but I just thought it was too funny.
We drank tea (white peony, if you were wondering) and planned my birthday bash. My birthday is in 32 days, so it's time to get my act together. A month sounds like a lot but I'm actually planning it for mid-September so we can catch the fair-enough weather. More details later, if you'd like.
I wore Pure Ice (Walmart $2) Wild Thing. This is the first polish I've come across in a while that I was ALMOST uncomfortable leaving the house in. Almost. It's a little 'out there', obviously not the thing for conservative ladies.


  1. I had problems with Blogger yesterday too... Images wouldn't show.

  2. If it's the same pink glittery color that you wrote about in the last post, it must be pretty bright indeed!

  3. use Flickr! The color of your photos will stay truer than when you insert a file through blogger - plus you copy/paste the html for your pic so you don't even have to worry about uploading through blogger.

  4. I tried photobucket yesterday, but the pictures were too big and they went into my sidebar! It's a green color, very 'orgre'. I'll try Flickr if this problem persists.


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