Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Zoya Skittles :)

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TOMORROW! I'm so excited! So, excitement in my world translates to sparkly skittles (makes sense, eh?). Here are some of my new acquisitions (read, 2 hours ago), a little of the Zoya Sparkle Collection. I bought Charla, Alegra, Ivanka, and Mimi. However, I have five fingers per a hand, so clearly Sienna needed to join in the mix.
Thumb, Mimi

Index, Ivanka

Middle, Alegra

Ring, Charla

Pinky, Sienna

All together

And my review:
I'm going to try to say all the things you haven't heard yet, forgive me if I can't as this collection has gotten so much buzz. The name on everybody's lips is Charla, a stunner for sure but not, in my opinion, the only good to come from this collection. From what I bought, the only consistencies I've found are the glitter in the sheer base (be warned, 3ish coats. Not that bad but still, be aware) and the POP these give. These scream summer to me, Charla looks like an ocean, Ivanka looks like money (and face it, I need a summer job). Sienna isn't part of this collection, it doesn't have quite the right depth, duo chrominess, or amount of sparkle. These aren't BAM in your face glitters or duo chromes, but they are bright enough to not be subtle. Mimi is everything I wanted Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl to be, it was a disappointment due to how sheer it is. I haven't heard Alegra's praises sung, but if you are a pink/raspberry girl, this is for you. It's a perfect summer berry color that sparkles and shines :). These probably look beyond awesome over black, my friend tried Charla over white and it was cool :). These are, just in case you haven't already heard, micro glitters. They don't have that large particle size but, as you guessed, a much smaller one. The glitter in all of these is a shade lighter and a shade darker than the base, which gives them amazing depth. I may buy back ups, not just of Charla, but of them all. And, I suppose I will go buy the rest of the collection.


  1. Your nails are gorgeous! love these skittles

  2. I love these skittles, I have Charla and Ivanka and I just exchanged again for MIMI, when it comes I can t wait to try it!

    Thanks for the post!


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